WCF Data Services – Quick Start

21 Feb

One idea I’m quite passionate about is REST style architectures.  It seems to make perfect sense to keep all the data logic self-contained and enforce the point that the client must make requests for data and return appropriate responses without being highly coupled on the server.

A technology that allows us to do this quick and easily and enforce a level of security over access to the data is WCF Data Services – Although keep your eye on the idea if Web APIs available with MVC 4

One thing I found when studying WCF Data services is that it opens up a whole jar of other technologies and ideas e.g. Entity Framework, OData etc.   Therefore for this post I am just going to demonstrate how to create a simple MySQL database, import it into the Entity Framework and expose the data using WCF Data Services so that you could consume it with any client you see fit.

So you are not overloaded with one big blog page I have broken this tutorial down into separate posts:

Step 1 – Creating the MySQL Database

Step 2 – The Entity Framework Model

Step 3 – The WCF Data Service

Step 4 – Querying the WCF Data Service


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