Step 1 – WCF Data Services – The MySQL Database

21 Feb

This post is Step 1 in a Quick Start tutorial on how to create WCF Data Services

First just a bit of background.  I am going to create a simple database structure in MySQL that has a few tables but also enforces relationships.  As I’m not doing a MySQL tutorial I will not go into the technicalities of creating the database but if you feel more confident with something else e.g. SQL Server then just copy the following structure in your database of choice.

We are going to model the following scenario:

In our organisation there is a number of staff and a member of staff may care for one or more supported people

The database structure I have created to represent this scenario looks like this (Note: I have used MySQL workbench to create the following EER model – Once created you can use the Database à Synchronize model feature of workbench to port the structure straight into your database)

The sample Data Structure that will be exposed using WCF Data Services

Once the database has been created populate the tables with some sample data e.g.

Populate with sample data

Ok so we have a database to follow the link to Step 2 where we import this data into the Entity Framework

Step 2 – The Entity Framework


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